OmniVoid Staff

OmniVoid Stephen Kaputsos

Stephen KaputsosProducer / Lead Designer & Developer

For every question there are a thousand answers, and for every answer there a thousand more. This is a principle I live by - I've always had a desire to know how and why things work. Design exposed me to a variety of creative and technological fields at a young age, and I have always loved fusing art and science. I’m versed in visual, audio, and multimedia design. Certified expert in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Acrobat, and Dreamweaver. OmniVoid serves as a central hub for my talents, and I’m glad to apply them in creating new worlds with such an incredible team.

OmniVoid Coby Jennings

Coby JenningsLead Programmer / Level Editor

I’ve been developing and programming with many great game engines in the past seven years. I’ve worked as a programmer on two mobile games and several modifications. Level design was where I began my studies, and later extended them into 3D modeling and computer programming. My career in game design started when I was young - creating Doom and Warcraft 3 level designs. The Source Engine, and CryEngine technologies are the most recent additions to my skillset.

OmniVoid Chris Farral

Chris FarralConcept Artist

Video games have been an inspiration of mine for as long as I can remember, and have greatly influenced my drawing. In school, I seized every opportunity to express my creativity and increase my drawing abilities. I soon began web development and animating with Adobe Flash, and joined several development communities to learn more about the industry. Concept art is my passion and working with OmniVoid has been an amazing experience!

OmniVoid David Abbott

David Abbott2D & 3D Artist

I first entered the world of video games in the eighties, playing at a friends’ house during my childhood. My father soon bought an Atari computer, and the console was quite similar to the Commodore 64. I received a Gameboy for Christmas that year, with the infamous Tetris and Batman games. When I got my hands on a Super Nintendo console, I began to consider a career in game design. The PlayStation 1 was released during my first year of high school, and I bought one right on release day in Australia. Ever since then I have been keeping up with the game developer community through news subscriptions - Hyper being one of my favorites. The Super NES, PlayStation, and PC have been my platforms of choice ever since then. I studied Digital and Interactive Games at Evocca College, and have joined OmniVoid where I am happy to be around like-minded and creative individuals. The studio has also been a great experience for learning even more about development.

OmniVoid Dan Falk

Dan FalkConcept & Environmental Artist

The visual arts have the incredible ability to inspire the masses, and call us to view the world from a different looking glass. Digital art is even more so the case, as the capabilites of modern technology continues to grow at a rapid pace. Concept and environmental art has been my expertise for quite some time, and I feel that video games will become an even more immersive medium in the years to come. OmniVoid is an excellent group of creatives, and I look forward to growing with the studio!

OmniVoid Nabila Hanis

Nabila HanisConcept & Character Artist

The Pokemon series has been one of my primary influences, for both my drawing style and design. PlayStation was my favored console for quite some time, until I switched over to the PC platform with a personal laptop. Installing Steam later presented me opportunities for competitive gaming. During the last few years of my Bachelors degree, I developed a project with a Swedish friend and published COATS, an RPG game.

OmniVoid Stefano Zantut

Stefano ZantutCharacter & 3D Artist

I have been working in the development industry for three years, and I'm always willing to learn new things and embrace new challenges. Action games are my genre of choice, and I have felt that the game market still has a lot of untapped potential. I love to discover new cultures, and make friends along the way. Always gaining new understanding, and learning through my craft.

OmniVoid Steve Bruce

Steve BruceAudio Engineer / Composer

I have been playing video games since the age of three, starting with my mother’s Atari 2600 and quickly moving onto the Sega Megadrive. Later I moved onto my personal favorite console, the PlayStation 1, and became a long-term fan of the Final Fantasy franchise. Since that point I have been great fan of role-playing titles, both Eastern and Western, with favorites including the Elder Scrolls Series, Fallout and Dragon Age. My love of gaming is only second to my love of music and it's creation. I have composed music for several independent games, the majority of them within the role-playing genre. I have also done work for BBC and was the assistant recording engineer for Ex-Machina. My primary musical influences are Jeremy Soule and Nobuo Uematsu.

OmniVoid Tony Manfredonia

Tony ManfredoniaComposer

From as early as I can remember, my older siblings and my dad would play games on the NES and SNES together. Naturally, I picked up on the hobby as well. Hearing the music in countless video games combined with a mother who professionally plays and performs as a concert and liturgical pianist, music became my primary study and craft in life. Studying as a vocalist and secondary pianist from an early age grew into the desire to compose music. Receiving study at both Montclair State University and Temple University for Music Composition, I have trained with some of the great living composers of contemporary concert music. Since then, I have composed classical music for concert halls and chamber ensembles - such as the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra - as well as complex video game music for independent developers like Ackk Studios and the more recent Phalanx Studios. My primary influences stem from the great Russian Romantics and Modernists like Tchaikovsky, Rachmaninoff, and Shostakovich, as well the renowned video game composers like Koji Kondo, Jun Ishikawa, and Jeremy Soule.