OmniVoid March Media Updates

March has been full of exciting news and progress on our FPS-RPG, Ashes. Updates include improved gameplay mechanics & networking, new level designs & environments, revisions to weapon models, new concept art, and additions to the game's official soundtrack. Ashes Alpha Test v0.0.8a introduces a variety of new features and content, and is an OmniVoid Studio Insiders exclusive release. Be sure to submit a Studio Insiders request form so that you take part in v0.0.8a and future Ashes alpha testing.

Several updates have also been made to the OmniVoid website media pages. Media page updates include new Ashes development photos and additions to the game's official soundtrack page. Sign up for OmniVoid Updates to receive all of the latest OmniVoid studio and Ashes news as it is released.

Below is a list of recent updates:

  • OmniVoid Staff Profiles - Meet the creative minds behind OmniVoid, and learn about their previous and current projects.
  • Chasms of Tombala - Decimated Earth gets a new sound from OmniVoid composer, Tony Manfredonia. Tombala is one of the new Ashes elemental environments, and Tony's hard-hitting strings & percussion bring it to life. This composition is also available for streaming on the OmniVoid Soundcloud.

Great things are coming up in the new Ashes Alpha Test builds, so be sure to follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and our other social media to stay updated.