"To realize great power, we must first realize great communication. "



Our Mission.

Located in the heart of Boston / Cambridge MA, OmniVoid was founded on the principle that great technology is only as great as the communication channel we have with it. Artificial intelligence has been deemed by many as the “new electricity” given how vast it’s applications and potential to better society are. However, there is a massive void in human-AI communication. We believe that in order to unlock the potential of AI devices, we must fill this void with a better form of human-AI interface.


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OmniVoid Allows You Greater Connection With Your AI.

OmniVoid is driven by the vision of a world with boundless human and machine collaboration. Our multi-talented team fuses expertise from the worlds of engineering and design to bring a unique touch to our projects. OmniVoid's mission is to fill the human-AI communication void - bringing new applications and functionality to AI devices.